IPL Photofacial

IPL Photofacial

IPL Photofacial services offered in BRIDGELAND, CYPRESS, TX

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatments can address skin concerns such as sun damage, acne, freckles, age spots, and vascular lesions, while at the same time boosting the production of skin firming proteins like collagen and elastin.  Results include visible improvement in skin tone and texture, even complexion, and a youthful healthy glow.  For more information on how IPL could benefit you, call us at Magnolia Dermatology to book with our licenced laser technician Jennifer Rodreiguez, LE.

IPL Photofacial Q&A

How do I prepare for IPL or Photofacials?

Intense pulsed light treatments require minimal preparation, but they do require some planning.  Strict sun protection is mandatory for at least two weeks after each treatment session.  We recommend avoiding retinoids for four days prior to your treatment. Make sure you stop any antibiotics 2 weeks prior to your laser treatment. Self tanning creams are not to be used 2-4 weeks prior to treatment. Please do not take any steroids or anti-inflammatories 24 hours before treatment. 

What should I expect during treatment with IPL?

IPL is similar to a laser treatment, but it is not technically a laser because it utilizes a spectrum of wavelengths to optimize your treatment and multi-task.  Each pusle feels akin to a hot rubber band snap.  While most patients find this snap tolerable, some choose to have a medication prior to the treatment to help them relax.  

What should I expect after treatment wiht IPL?

Following your treatment, brown spots may darken and skin may turn red for up to twenty-four hours.  Your improved complexion will visible after one to three weeks.  Best results are acheived with three to five treatments spaced one month apart from each other. Sunscreen should be worn on a daily basis and must be reapplied through out the day.