Additional Services


Additional Services services offered in The Bridgelands, Cypress, TX

Here are the additional services that Dr. Samantha Robare offers at Magnolia Dermatology, located in Cypress, Texas. Please contact the office for more information.

Additional Services

Medical Dermatology  Pediatric and Adult
  •     Acne
  •     Rashes
  •     Psoriasis
  •     Eczema
  •     Moles
  •     Hair Loss
  •     Rosacea
  •     Melasma
  •     Warts
  •     Skin Cancer Screening
Skin Surgery
  •     Skin Cancer removal
  •     Cyst Removal
  •     Mole Removal
Cosmetic Dermatology
  •     Neurotoxins (Botox, etc.)
  •     Fillers (Juvederm, etc.)
  •     Chemical Peels
  •     Facials
  •     Extractions
  •     Anti-aging
  •     Sclerotherapy
  •     Platelet rich plasma and Platelet rich fibrin
  •     Medical Grade Skin Care Products
  •     Microneedling
  •     Laser Treatments (coming soon)